CASHUP is a FinTech Company based in Gambia. The app aims to enhance customers' lives by making payments easily accessible in Gambia. They wanted to create a mobile money solution that would be user-friendly and could fulfill the customers’ all payment needs with enhanced features and app specifications.


When they started looking for a perfect partner to create their solution, they were recommended for DigiPay.Guru from our satisfied clients who are leveraging the benefits of choosing DigiPay.Guru for their business.

We helped them create the CASHUP mobile money solution in the Gambia to help them fulfill their customers’ needs and lead the Gambian market with next-gen mobile money features and interfaces.

Opening Bundle of Opportunities in the Fintech Space of Africa

Enhanced Financial Inclusion

  • Considering the mobile penetration CASHUP has so much potential to boost financial inclusion in the Gambian market.
  • Immediate access to financial services can be provided to the unbanked population.
  • Can contribute to the government's national financial inclusion strategy of bringing financial services to 70% of adults by 2025.

Impressive Adoption Rates

  • CASHUP can encourage the widespread adoption of mobile money across diverse user segments.
  • With around 290.16 million mobile money users in Western Africa, CASHUP has the full potential to expand its customer base by tapping into this wider population.
  • Addressing the need for formal financial services for underserved user groups, CASHUP can earn their trust and loyalty, thereby reaching the maximum potential of wallet adoption.

Positive Impact on the Economy

  • CASHUP can make a significant impact on sustainable development and poverty alleviation goals.
  • Can empower individuals and businesses to manage finances more efficiently.
  • Reduced dependence on cash transactions promoting a shift towards a "Cashless" society.

The Game-Changing Features of the CASHUP App

Load Money

Users can add money to their wallets by either using their bank account or cards.


P2P and P2M Payments

The users can securely send money to friends, family, and businesses (online shopping or retail purchases) or pay bills (utilities, top-ups, tickets, etc) directly from their CASHUP account.


Bank Transfers

Users can easily transfer money to other users’ bank accounts inputting bank account numbers and other necessary details.


Scan QR

Users can easily pay in stores and to each other by scanning QR codes with the CASHUP app.


Cash In, Cash Out By Agent

Customers without bank accounts can load money into their wallets by handing over cash to a nearby agent eliminating the dependency on cash.


Loyalty Programs

Users can earn rewards and benefits like redeemable points, referral bonuses, and more by using CASHUP to pay for purchases and services.


Merchant Payments

Enables secure merchant payments just by scanning a QR code via the CASHUP app - in-store, in-app, and online.


Settlement and Reconciliation

Allows merchants and agents to quickly and easily settle payments into their bank account and reconcile all the transactions with their internal records.

Reports & Analytics

Gives them the ability to get complete insights into the users’ spending patterns, transaction history, and overall financial behavior within the app.

To Wrap

With our solution, now the client has the best-in-class mobile money solution with advanced functionalities for the Gambian region, offering them an extra edge over their competitors. The app has a lot of potential to boost financial inclusion, make lives easier for customers, and emerge as an industry leader in the near future.


Nikunj Gundaniya

Product manager of DigiPay.Guru, one of the leading digital wallet solution. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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