Today, we live in a world where our lives have become extremely fast-paced. We don’t like to wait even for few minutes. This is the reason why we are witnessing rise of online shopping where customers can buy items in a jiffy without waiting in the long queues. On contrary, this is also the reason why we are seeing a major decline in the growth of brick and mortar retail stores.

To compete with ever-efficient and convenient online shopping sites, brick-and-mortar retail stores must reinvent their offerings. In the recent past, scan & go solutions have emerged as a savior for brick and mortar retail stores.

Scan & Go is a cutting-edge self-checkout system that makes shopping easy, fast, and secure. These system eliminates and eradicates all the cons of a retail stores that were previously causing a hurdle to offer rich shopping experience to their customers.

Scan & Go technology is transforming the shopping experience across the world with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

In this blog, we will dive deep to understand what are scan & go system, how it works, what are its features, and what are the benefits that it provides to retailers and customers. But before that, let’s have a look at the stats associated with scan & go systems.

What stats say about Scan & Go?

According to a report from Juniper Research, frictionless payment stores such as Amazon Go are estimated to grow from USD 253 million in 2018 to more than USD 45 billion by the year 2023.

This report also states that the majority of transactions will take place in general and convenience stores. And the average transaction value is estimated to be around USD 30 per visit.

Amazon Go has now set the precedent for the cashier-less stores and it has a vast potential to disrupt the entire brick-and-mortar landscape. As per the survey by GPShopper, around 48% of total American internet users have said that technology like scan-and-go will make their shopping experience-rich and easy.

There’s another survey which says that approx. 66 percent of consumers prefer self-service technology as compared to interacting with sales associates as it saves time.

Furthermore, 43% said that they would rather use a scan-and-go solution than waiting in the checkout queue. Respondents also stated that they would be most interested in scanning items like groceries, home goods, and fashion items. Below is a graph which shows the product categories which users would buy using the scan and go technology.


Even a report from Future In-Store Retail Technologies found that more than 32 million shoppers will use self-scanning apps like scan & go solution which is an alternative to ‘Just Walk Out’ technology by the year 2023.

According to ‘11th Annual Global Study’, almost 80 percent of retail decision-makers agree that the staff checkout areas are now becoming less efficient as they can be easily automated with the help of the latest technology.

It also stated that over half of retail decision-makers are now converting their POS space into self-checkout. Similarly, 62% of them are transforming it for their online order pickup.

Challenges associated with traditional checkout & billing

There are a lot of challenges associated with traditional checkout & billing systems which Scan & Go solution aims to resolve. Let’s have a look at these challenges one by one.

Faulty machines

Many a times, there’s a faulty machine at the checkout which takes more time than the usual to finish the checkout process. This slows down the entire checkout process and increases the waiting time in queues.

Human errors

To err is human. It’s almost impossible to eliminate human error in any field including the checkouts at retail stores. Incorrect calculations, error in scanning and registering items, and etc. are some of the most common examples of human errors that occur at a retail store. These human errors often cause time consumption and affect the shopping experience of customers.

Issue of finding change

We all know that cash payments make the checkout process slower. Furthermore, cash payments also involves issue of change where the cashier or customer has to give the exact amount of cash which is not possible most of the time.

Inflexible payment methods

Payment methods that are cumbersome are also a major reason for slower checkouts and billing processes. Payment methods which involve cash or card are generally the ones which causes problem as they are slower and difficult to execute as compared to in-app payments.

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Longer waiting times

A traditional checkout and billing process comes with a lot of hurdles which ultimately impacts the waiting times of customers in the queue.

Moreover, these queues becomes even longer and occupy a lot of space during the peak hours which causes congestion along with restricting other consumers to enter the store.

All these factors ruins the shopping experience of a consumer that’s why stores must reduce the waiting times in queues if don’t want to lose on their consumers.

The COVID-19 threat

The COVID-19 pandemic has also posed several challenges to the traditional checkout counters. It’s because the traditional process of checkout and billing involves a lot of physical contacts which increases the possibility of virus transmission from one shopper to another.

Furthermore, due to long queues and congestion during peak hours, maintaining social distancing becomes almost impossible.

How Scan & Go does works

Scan & Go technology is designed specifically in such a way that it makes shopping experience faster, rich, and convenient for consumers. Just like the barcode technology which disrupted the efficiency of the retail stores in the early 80s, Scan & Go is the next obvious step for revolutionizing, enhancing, and streamlining the retail store experience for consumers.

In the initial deployments of Scan & Go technology, shoppers need to carry a handheld scanner all around the retail store with them. This solution enables shoppers to get rid of a lengthy checkout process where all the items in the cart are needed to be scanned at the checkout kiosk.

Instead, they can simply scan each item that they intend to buy and put it in their cart. All the scanned items are also added to the virtual cart and the corresponding amount is directly deducted from the user’s wallet account.

Scan & Go solutions are not devoid of their flaws and challenges. It’s because retailers still have to make space for handheld scanners. Although, the new age Scan & Go technologies resolve this issue. This is because the new generation of Scan & Go solutions has replaced handheld scanners with smartphone devices.

The typical user journey of the Scan & Go solution is very simple to understand. First of all, the user downloads the Scan & Go application of a certain retailer on their smartphone device. After that, they link it to their payment card.

Once that is done, the user enters the retail store and starts scanning items using his smartphone’s camera. The items get added to the virtual cart as they are scanned. And when the user is done shopping, then they can pay for all the scanned items via in-app and walk out of the store.

Factors to consider before installing Scan & Go solution

Scan & Go technology is the way to go for retailers; however, retailers must consider the below factors before installing the scan & go solution in their store.

  • All the self-checkout systems including Scan & Go are susceptible to the risks of theft. This is why it becomes essential to eliminate this risk with efficient security and random checks. However, you must also train your employees in such a way that they make customers comfortable with these security checks.

  • Not all customers are tech-savvy. There might be many customers who might not know how to make payments via their smartphones. This is the reason why you must educate these customers as to how scan & go payments works and what are its benefits.

  • Scan & Go technology minimizes human interaction which many customers like. However, there are few customers who prefer interacting with people. For such customers, you must have train your staff so they are easily approachable. Moreover, you can also add an option in the app where the customers can ask for help from the staff.

Major Features of Scan & Go technology

The thing which makes Scan & Go such a success is its cutting-edge features. Let’s have a look at the major features of Scan & Go one by one.

Auto-synced product catalog

This feature takes all the data from the site and synchronizes it with the application in real-time. Thus, it ensures that all scanned product information is always synchronized.

Store locator

This feature is useful for those retail stores that have multiple branches in the city. With this feature in place, users can locate the nearest stores by getting accurate directions on their smartphones.

Compatibility with multiple devices

Scan & Go solutions are device-agnostic as they are compatible with multiple types of the operating system. This feature enables retailers to use any device for accessing the scan & go solution.

Scan items

This is major feature of Scan & Go payment solution which enables customers to add items into the cart by simply scanning items using the application.

Enter code

Some items in the retail stores might not have any barcodes on them which would make it impossible for the users to add it to the cart. To resolve this issue, there’s a feature in the solution which enables users to manually enter the code in the system to add that item in the cart.

Review cart

This feature enables customers to view the contents of their cart. This helps them to see if they have everything which they wanted to buy. They can also check if they have entered the right quantity of items or not. Furthermore, they can also move out items that they no longer intend to buy.

Proximity-based advertising

This is an advanced feature that allows retail store owners to notify their customers about their presence. With this feature in place, retail store owners can send a push notification to the customers whenever they are in the proximity of the store. With this push notification, retailers can show various offers that might attract customers to enter the store.

Loyalty & rewards

Scan & Go payment app can become a handy medium to create and offer various loyalty & rewards programs. Retailers can offer these reward programs to increase customer engagement and retention. They can also attract new customers with a referral scheme.

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View invoice

Once the user completes the payment, an invoice is generated along with a dynamic QR code. This QR code is then scanned to verify the purchase made.

Top benefits of Scan & Go

Scan & Go solution offers benefits for both retail store owners as well as customers. Let’s see what these benefits are in detail.

Cost Savings

With Scan & Go solution in place, retailers can get rid of tills in their stores. With tills out of the equation, retailers can now don’t have to bear additional costs on ongoing licenses, maintenance, running costs, etc. Furthermore, retailers can also deploy personnel that was previously required for operating tills on the shop floor to increase resource utilization and enhance the shopper experience.

Also, since the Scan & Go solutions are cloud-based, they can be maintained cost-effectively and the troubleshooting can be conducted remotely. Moreover, digital receipts within the app eradicate paper receipts and the cost associated with them.

Improved efficiency

For a long time, customers have been demanding for a frictionless experience at stores which enables them to shop and pay at a faster speed. Scan & Go technology has been able to provide this enhanced shopping experience by removing all the points of friction.

As already discussed above, scan & go solution eliminates the need of tills which creates more space in the store. With this extra space, stores can be optimally designed to attract customers and offer better experiences.

Vital shopper insights

Scan & Go solution also offers retail store owners with vital shopper insights, shopping habits, and crucial data. For example, they get to know which items are being bought the most number of times or which items are mostly bought together. Based on these insights, retailers can offer tailored experiences to all their customers.

Customer Empowerment

Scan & Go technology redefines the shopping experience for the customers. It enables them to simply enter the store, scan items, make payments, and go out the store. It makes shopping and payment process extremely simple along with eradicating interaction with retail executives and long waiting queues. With Scan & Go, customers spend more time shopping rather than waiting in long queues.

Loss prevention

Few retailers believe that installing scan & go solution would make their store susceptible to thefts as it will make it easier for the thieves to drop an item into the basket without any scanning it.

However, that’s not the case. It’s because customers have to set up their account and log into the scan & go application. By this, they let the retailers know about their real identity. Thus, it lowers the chances of theft.

Real-time interaction with customers

Scan & go technology is a great way to engage and retain customers. With this, you can offer loyalty and reward programs integrated into the scan & go solution. If the customers see a value in these rewards then they will definitely choose to shop more at your store.

Manage slow movers

Scan & Go solution also enables retailers to promote slow mover items or products that are close to their end dates. Furthermore, retailers can also upsell the products. Scan & go technology helps retailers to reinvent their offerings in this era of online shopping.

Take the pressure off

The staff at retail store face immense pressure during the peak hours. Peak hours are stressful for both staffs as well as the customers. It’s especially more frustrating for those people who have to wait in a long queue for buying only one or two items. This frustration often boils down to bitter quarrels and verbal fights between customers and staff.

Implementing scan & go technology can ease this pressure from both users and retail store staff. Moreover, it also increases revenue and decreases missed transactions.


After reading this blog, I know most of the retailers might have understood that Scan & Go solution is the future. It’s a cutting-edge technology that empowers brick and mortar retail stores to offer a rich shopping experience to their customers.

If you’re a retail store owner who is looking to offer this same experience then you must go for’s scan & go solution. It’s an advanced solution that comes with all major features.

Furthermore,’s reputation as a top-notch digital payment solution provider makes this solution even more enticing. So, what are you looking for? Just contact and transform the shopping experience at your retail store forever.


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