Digipay’s cryptocurrency wallet solution


Key features of Digipay’s
cryptocurrency wallet

Digipay is a top mobile finance solution that consists of a robust cryptocurrency wallet system having numerous advanced features.

2-factor authentication

Ensure that you maintain top-notch security of all your customers’ accounts with the help of 2-factor authentication.

Frequently used addresses

This feature of Digipay’s cryptocurrency wallet makes it easy for all your user to quickly access all frequently used addresses.

QR code scanner

Digipay’s cryptocurrency wallet ensures that your users accept and send cryptocurrency with just a single click via a QR code scanner.

Conversion rates

With Digipay, you can enable your users to view the conversion rates and updated cryptocurrency value in real-time.

Transaction history

Allow your users to view all the past transactions made by them with various filters such as daily, weekly, and monthly.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your all your users whenever there is a change in the value or price of the cryptocurrencies.

Automatic session logout

In this feature, each session logs out automatically which initiates new login triggers after a specified period for security purpose.

Wallet backup

Digipay comes with wallet backup feature which protects your users’ cryptocurrencies against software theft and failure.

What can you achieve with Digipay?

Digipay is a leading mobile finance solution. With its cryptocurrency wallet system, you can achieve a plethora of benefits. Some of which are mentioned here.


Get users from across the globe by letting them access multiple currencies from a single wallet.

Immune from inflation

Limited availability of cryptocurrencies makes them immune from the risk of inflation.

No Government Regulations

Decentralized cryptocurrencies are not influenced by any economic crisis or government regulations.

Affordable Transaction Fees

Authenticate transactions at much lower and affordable rates with no third-party interference.

High security

Cryptocurrencies are affordable, decentralized, and immune from inflation, thus making it secure.

Get more users

Get more users on board by providing quick and secure way of virtual currency transfer.

DigiPay’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.

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