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4 steps to robust document verification

Unlock accurate document verification with this quick and easy validation process.

1. Upload

The user uploads a picture of the government identity document

2. Extraction

DigiPay.Guru’s intelligent OCR technology scans and extracts document data automatically

3. Verification

DigiPay.Guru’s advanced AI-driven tech verifies the document format and data

4. Outcome

The verification outcome appears on their screen with a definitive “approve or reject”

The features that add more security to it

Leverage our advanced feature suite designed to accurately authenticate and validate the documents for a secure & efficient onboarding process.


Document validity check

Determines the type of user identity document such as a driver’s license or passport


Document format support

Can classify and support any kind of document format such as PDF, doc, and more


Document expiry

Checks and determines whether the uploaded document has expired with date verification


OCR powered engine

The intelligent OCR-powered engine can extract all the necessary data from the document

Features that add extra authenticity to the document verification solution


Age verification

Set dynamic security standards tailored to age-restricted products and services. Catch fraud users with the wrong date of birth instantly via digital age checks.

  • Sensitive data protection
  • Instant fraud age detection
  • Comply with age requirements

Nationality verification

Validate nationality instantly, ensure only those adhering to global compliance enter your system and mitigate identity fraud risks with our robust nationality verification check.

  • Instant authenticity checks
  • Comprehensive document analysis
  • Global compliance with KYC/AML regulations

Varied documents we support for verification

With DigiPay.Guru, you can verify all types of documents and more at your fingertips. And make your customers’ onboarding process frictionless.


Government ID




Driver’s license


Tax bill


Bank statement


& More

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Leverage the power of the document verification system

Financial services

Verifying identity documents for account opening, loan applications, and financial transactions to prevent fraud and comply with KYC and AML regulations

Employment and human resources

Screening applicants' identity documents in the hiring process, background checks, and employee onboarding to verify eligibility and comply with employment laws.

Travel and hospitality

Confirming identity documents for hotel check-ins, flight bookings, car rentals, and more to enhance security and compliance with travel regulations.

Government services

Identity doc verification for passport applications, driver's license renewals, and government benefit programs to ensure eligibility and prevent identity theft.

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