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DigiPay empowers you to ramp up your guest satisfaction and spend

Theme park owners can surface vital information to their guests at any time and any place with DigiPay’s theme park solution. DigiPay facilitates in day planning as well as in site-navigation. Furthermore, it minimizes the guest’s waiting time along with enabling them to take advantage of all the relevant incentives and promotions based on their onsite behaviour and interests.

DigiPay’s theme park solution also harnesses customer data to provide the theme park operator with a detailed and proper understanding of your guests in real-time. It helps you to react in quick time at the points of friction and enables you to both anticipate and respond to your guest’s needs with a laser-targeted preciseness and accuracy.

Why you must choose DigiPay’s amusement park solution

DigiPay’s amusement park solution comes with cutting-edge technology and tools which helps you to offer the best experience to your guests. There are many reasons why one must choose DigiPay over others. Below mentioned are a few of those reasons.

Maintains social distancing

DigiPay enables you to respond to various challenges that are associated with the safe operation in COVID-19 social distancing measures. Our solution eliminates common physical points by removing queuing and by supporting cashless payments.

Amusement ParkMaintains Social

Digital ticketing

Our solution offers digital ticketing which completely eliminates the need to wait in a long queue to collect tickets. Our solution offers a digital wallet which enables your guests to store and show their tickets and membership passes at any instant of time.

Amusement ParkDigital Ticketing

Interactive map

Our interactive map technology makes it simpler for the guests to view their exact location and navigate accordingly. Users can also use various filters on map like category, age, and height filters. Furthermore, our maps and routes also work offline which immensely helps the guests in the scenario when there’s no Wifi or cellular reception.

Amusement ParkInteractive Map

Food ordering

DigiPay’s mobile application allows your guests to browse through menus, place order, and pay for it. Our solution also offers you with in-built cross-sells, up-sells, and abandoned cart recovery which allows you to make more revenue. Our solution also maintains social distancing by reducing interactions with communal self-serve kiosks and staff.

Amusement Park Food Ordering

Intelligent offers

Our solution offers you with vital behavioural data along with location information which enables you to delivery highly-targeted promotions and offers. It helps you to send the right offer, at the right time, to the right guest.

Amusement Park Intelligent Offers

Ticket upgrades

Attract your customers with ticket upgrades and automatic promotions. It can be anything from a two-day ticket to a season pass that you would like to promote. Moreover, with our solution, the guests can easily upgrade their tickets with instant transactions on their digital wallet.

Amusement Park Ticket Upgrades

Modules of DigiPay’s amusement park management system

DigiPay has a holistic amusement park solution that consists of several modules for several components of a theme park. Below mentioned are all those modules.

Entrance control

Our customized control systems for speed gates and doors come with a software that manages biometric validation, mobile ticket validation, QR scanning, and other entry methods.

Safety programs

Our safety app solution in the management system comes with added security software that includes surveillance, smart lock, restricted access management, etc.

Event management

We understand the importance of events in a theme park and that’s why our event management module enables you for venue bookings, itinerary creation, and visitor registration.

Maintenance management

Our customized management system enables you to schedule and assign employee tasks. Moreover, the predictive maintenance would track the total work done along with their historical data.

Visitor management

Visitor management module forecasts the density of the customers on a particular day. This module provides you with centralized database that enables real-time tracking of all your employees and visitors.

POS software

DigiPay’s centralized POS system enables your theme park to collaborate with 3rd party food & beverages and retail. The secure payment gateway facilitates payments via credit, debit, and other methods.’s success over the years

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