Why do I need a merchant account?2020-03-05T06:33:43+00:00

A merchant account is a bank account that is used by a merchant specifically for the purpose of collecting funds from the consumer bank account or credit card payment transactions.

What is a payment gateway?2020-03-05T06:34:46+00:00

A payment gateway facilitates the secure transfer of transactions from a merchant to a third-party payment processor associated with the merchant’s acquiring bank. Payment gateways often offer additional services like reporting and performing checks on transactional data such as message formatting, automatic tax calculation, and fraud detection.

Can I customize the DigiPay solution?2020-03-05T06:35:16+00:00

Yes, the solution is highly flexible and customizable to accommodate any modules/requirements requested by the clients.

What are the basic features/modules covered in the Digipay solution?2020-03-05T08:47:50+00:00

The following functions are included in our base solution for Customers Application:

  • Top-up into the Wallet using Cards – Debit or Credit card and net banking, etc.
  • Withdraw / transfer money to the bank account /
  • P2P and P2M Transfer via QR, contact number, and unique ID
  • Transaction History
  • Notification
  • Profile Management
  • Help and Support

The following functions are included in our base solution for Merchants /Admin Panel:

  • Create a merchant/customer account,
  • Doing a settlement transaction (merchants),
  • Generate QR code for the merchant and customer (Dynamic),
  • Dashboard for the system
  • Transactions history and its details
  • KYC management
  • Transaction charges and commission management
  • Threshold management
  • Notifications and Setting

Note: Any additional functionality other than listed above will be considered as a part of customization.

Which platforms does the DigiPay solution cover?2020-03-05T07:39:47+00:00

Platforms for the following Actors (English Language with Single Currency):

  • Customers: iOS and Android Platforms
  • Merchants: iOS and Android Platforms + Web Based Panel
  • Admin: Web-Based Panel.
Which technologies are used to develop the DigiPay solution?2020-03-11T11:02:12+00:00

Mobile Application: React Native
Backend: Python/Django/Angular JS

What are the things that we as end clients need to provide to the DigiPay team?2020-03-05T07:14:44+00:00

You need to provide a bank license from the authorized bank for the targeted country where you want to launch your solution. Apart from that, we need Bank API or 3rd Party Payment Gateway based on the targeted country for processing the payments.

Does our solution support cards like Debit Card, Credit Card such as VISA, Mastercard, etc.2020-03-05T06:57:04+00:00

Yes, we support the various payment methods. This majorly depends upon the payment processing APIs that are provided to us for its integration into the Digipay solution. If the API supports those intended methods, then the users can make payments with those options.

Can we integrate the POS into the DigiPay for Merchants Payments?2020-03-05T06:57:31+00:00

Yes, we can integrate the POS if there is a requirement from the client’s end. This can be used by Merchants / Retailers / Agents for making the transactions. However, please note that we would require the APIs of the respective POS systems for integrations.

Do we provide training to the clients once the application is deployed to their cloud servers?2020-03-05T06:58:17+00:00

During the development phase itself, we will be guiding you on the workflows and the various other aspects. However, this can be done through calls, messages, and video recording as and when required. The training is not included here as on-site training. If needed, then that can also be provided, but the expense for the training needs to be borne by the Client along with the Professional Services fees. Our expert will be at your location for a Five Days Training Session. Charges for the same will be shared with you on an actual basis excluding the Professional Services Charges.

Do we need to provide any 3rd Party Service providers APIs like Utility bill payments, Electricity bill, Recharges, etc?2020-03-05T06:58:48+00:00

We will do the integration of service providers’ APIs. The 3rd Party service APIs need to be purchased by the clients and provided to us with the credentials and documents.

Is it possible to provide a readymade API to other service providers for integration into their system?2020-03-05T06:59:20+00:00

Yes, this can be implemented where the 3rd Party service platforms can use your application for making payments. We will provide them with your app’s API to integrate into their respective platforms.

Is there a merchant coupon code/discount/promotion feature that each merchant can create on their own to attract more customers?2020-03-05T07:00:08+00:00

Yes, we have Loyalty and Rewards programs in our solution based on the clients’ requirements.

Is DigiPay.Guru a white label solution or SaaS?2020-03-05T07:01:10+00:00

DigiPay is a white label solution where we will be providing you with the solution with your brand, logo, and customizations as required. The Licence of the solution is non-transferable, i.e. you cannot sell our solution to other providers.

Can we modify or change the UI/UX of the DigiPay Solution?2020-03-05T07:01:28+00:00

We can accommodate minor changes till the time it is not affecting our APIs. If the clients require changing more than that, then those changes can be accommodated with an additional cost as we need to put additional efforts for changing the API structures.

Do we require a license for currency exchange or international remittance?2020-03-05T07:01:53+00:00

Yes, you need the licenses to operate from every country that you plan to launch in.

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