Our vision

Empowering financial evolution, Transforming lives: Our vision at DigiPay.Guru is to lead the fintech revolution by providing innovative and accessible financial solutions. We aim to empower individuals and businesses with seamless digital payment experiences, driving financial inclusion and catalyzing global progress

Our mission

Enabling fintech dreams, Unleashing innovations: Our mission is to provide a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures and amplifies the capabilities of fintech innovators. Through our pioneering platform and unwavering support, we are dedicated to unlocking opportunities, sparking creativity, and fostering collaborations that redefine the boundaries of fintech excellence.


Rahul, the visionary CEO of DigiPay.Guru, is an influential leader with a rich history of shaping the payment industry. With over 17 years of profound experience, his expertise serves as the bedrock for DigiPay's success. Rahul's strategic acumen and practical knowledge drive the company's innovative solutions, redefining the fintech landscape. His intricate understanding of the complexities within the payment industry propels DigiPay.Guru to the forefront of the market. Rahul's expertise guides the company towards uncharted growth and innovation. His commitment to cutting-edge solutions and enduring client relationships underpins DigiPay's transformation into a pioneering fintech leader.

Rahul Patel


The team behind digipay

Our accomplished team consists of individuals who excel in their respective fields. All of them are team players who complement each other to bring out the best possible results.

Nikunj Gundaniya

Head of Engineering

Leads with technical expertise and innovation, ensuring high-quality, secure fintech solutions. His strategic vision drives our mission of fintech transformation.

Tapan Varma

Project Manager

Orchestrates seamless collaboration among teams, ensuring projects are delivered with precision. His strong leadership and meticulous planning drive our initiatives to successful fruition.

Advisors, Partners & Mentors

Our accomplished team consists of individuals who excel in their respective fields. All of them are team players who complement each other to bring out the best possible results.

Sashi Parvat

Product Strategist & Fintech Consultant

Shashi brings 17+ years of global experience in Product Management, Innovation, and FinTech. His expertise spans FinTech, Neobanking, Pre-Paid Programs, Payments, Financial Inclusion, Insurance & Micro-Pensions, including roles at World Bank, Gates Foundation, and more. He's driven innovation for startups, national payment platforms, and wallet prepaid programs. With a strong background in associations, NGOs, and payment strategies across India, Middle East & East-Africa, Shashi empowers the FinTech landscape.

Ali Hussein Kassim

Fintech Advisor & Strategist

Ali is a C-Level Executive with extensive experience in Strategy, Markeing, New Media, Business Development, Start ups and turnaround situations and specialises in Corporate Strategy, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Marketing, CRM and Strategic Management.

He has a Board-level experience in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organisations and also spares time to mentor young Techpreneurs across Africa.

What makes us different

Digipay is a leading mobile finance solution and every FinTech’s first choice. There are many things that makes Digipay different from the rest. Some of them are mentioned here.


We have gained expertise by working with the top FinTech companies across the globe.

Highly process oriented

We have a well-defined process for all our tasks that helps in maintaining the holistic view of the projects.

100% transparency

Keeping 100% transparency is our mantra as we keep all the unexpected surprises away from you.

Peace of mind

We work with full dedication to ensure that the project gets completed on time. Thus, providing you the peace of mind.

Committed support

Our proficient professionals are always committed to provide 24*7 support via calls, email, chat, and other media.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and we ensure that by fulfilling all our client’s requirements.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.


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Successful implementation of a next-gen mobile money solution for a Gambian client

CASHUP is a FinTech Company based in Gambia. The app aims to enhance customers' lives by making payments easily accessible in Gambia. They wanted to create a mobile money solution…

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FinTechUnder NDA

DigiPay.Guru created a smart cum reliable digital wallet for its Haiti-based client.

NatPay is a FinTech startup based in Haiti. It has its sister company with the name BOSOU aiming to offer mobile payment solutions to its county’s citizens. The app aims to boost…

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