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Advanced Mobile Money Solution for your business

Advanced Mobile Money solution for your day-to-day, digital transactions.


Digital Solutions for Finance and Fintech Providers around the world

Our IT and Tech solutions provide digital transformation to Financial Service Providers worldwide with a specialty in secure, contactless payment solutions that help you in expanding your customer base and increasing your businesses.


Our product caters to all the Non-Banking Financial Institutions with services such as Mobile wallets, Top-Up & Bill payments, Money transfers, E-KYC, Merchant payments, E-Ticketing, Loyalty & Rewards, and International Remittance.


We also assist enterprises and established organizations with services such as Mobile Wallet, Collection Account, Disbursement Account, Bulk Salary disbursement, Bulk Air time disbursement, Sales collection, Vendor Payments Enterprises.


Not just NBFI’s but to the main financial services providers, Banks, are also our esteemed customers for services such as Mobile Wallet, Agency Banking, Mobile Banking, Top-up & Bill Payments, Merchant Payments, and Loyalty & Rewards, E-KYC.


MNO’s and Telcos are also some of our target audience with requirements of services like Mobile Wallets, Top-Up & Bill payments, P2P, G2P transfers, international remittances, bulk air time distribution, merchant payments, E-KYC, Loyalty & Rewards.

Advanced Range Of Features For You

You get an extensive variety of features that caters to all your financial and fintech services.

Extensive Contactless Payment Methods

We have an extensive range of contactless payment methods. In today’s time when there is more preference for cashless transactions which are more reliable and maintain transparency, we provide the users with such options to select and choose their preferred payment mode.

  • Scan QR to pay
  • Tap & Pay (NFC)
  • USSD Payments
  • Virtual Card Payments
  • Remote Payments

A Solution For All And Everyone

DGBank’s Mobile Money solution caters to all. There are registered bank account holders who can integrate their bank accounts and cards with the bank. And then there are also non-banked customers with no bank accounts who also require to do transactions.

  • Banked Customers
  • Unbanked Customers

Launching And Optimization Of New Services

You get dynamic system configurations and a dashboard to optimize your services based on your business requirements. Through this dashboard, you can monitor everything and track all transactions that occur. This will also help you in preventing any upcoming disasters.

  • Get Dynamic Configurations
  • Optimize System Performance
  • Monitor Everything Through A Dashboard
  • Track Every Single Transaction
  • Proactively Prevent Upcoming Disasters

Faster Time-To-Market

Our core, white-labeled product is ready with open APIs for any client requirement that comes. This will help the client in saving time and launching or releasing the product faster and earlier than when they go for custom development.

  • Core Product Available – White Labelled
  • Exemplary Integrations
  • Readily Available Open APIs

Key Use Cases For Your Financial Services

Provide your users with ease in all their financial transactions including payments, bank transfers, or international remittances!



  • Bank Account Opening
  • NFC Tagging
  • Service Activation
  • Mobile Money Account Activation

Bill Payment

  • Power Bill Payment
  • Tax Payment
  • Gas Bill & Water Bill
  • Mobile Postpaid


  • Airtime Top-Up
  • Digital TV Top-Up
  • Stored Value Card Top-Up
  • Prepaid Electricity

Wallet Services

  • Cash In & Cash out
  • P2P Transfer
  • Sub Wallet Transfer
  • Split Bill Payments

Enterprise Mobile Money

  • Collection Amount
  • Disbursement Account
  • Bulk Salary Payments
  • Bulk Subsidy Distribution

International Remittance

  • Remittance To Bank Account
  • Agent-Based Remittance
  • Remittance To third party wallet

Merchant Payment

  • Retail Merchant Payment
  • Fuel Payment
  • Parking Payment
  • Toll Payment

Mobile Banking

  • Wallet To Bank Transfer
  • Bank To Wallet Transfer
  • Inter-Bank Transfers
  • Credit Card Payments

Loyalty & Rewards Program

  • Sign-up Bonuses
  • Referrals
  • Point Accumulation & Redemption
  • Cashbacks & Promo Codes

Compliance And Guidelines We Follow

We follow a set of rules, compliances, and guidelines to ensure the safety and security of the users.

Security Compliances

This compliance has been architectured to offer secure and reliable transaction processing to all the users and prevents spoofing or unauthorized access to the system.


Anti-money Laundering compliances are a set of regulations that financial institutions follow for detecting and preventing money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

PCI SSF Compliant

Our solution protects the integrity of the software and the confidentiality of the sensitive information and user data that it captures, stores, processes, and transmits.

Scalability For Your Needs

You get a secure platform that is architectured for scalability and can be deployed based on your business needs.


Microservice Architecture

It divides the single application into a small set of services, out of which, each runs on its own but communicates with each other. Every service implements different functionalities or features.


We follow the Agile methodology for improving the effectiveness of our software development team. It is an iterative process for project management and software development.


Our solutions are built based on the client needs and the country regulations and deployed on cloud, premises or through a hybrid approach.

Advanced Features For Your Business

DGBank comes with a cluster of advanced features that will bring benefits to your business’s growth.

White-labelling & Customization

Multi-currency & Multi-tenant

Exemplary Integrations (APIs)

Faster Deployment

Lower TCO

Secure Platform

DigiPay’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.

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