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Prepaid card issuance at your fingertips!

A step-by-step process to seamlessly issue prepaid cards to your customers!


Get started

Sign up on our card platform to begin issuing and managing prepaid cards.


Issue card

Add user details to easily onboard them & issue branded prepaid cards.


Topup - card

Easily add funds to prepaid cards to ensure users get instant access to their money.



Let your customers use their prepaid cards with convenience & security.

Everything you need in a prepaid card platform is here!

Robust features that make prepaid card management seamless, secure, and reliable. It delivers only the best to your customers to stay ahead of the curve, always!


Contactless transactions with tokenization


Advanced analytics & reporting


Robust security to protect customer funds & data


Complete spending control


Enable card payments in seconds


Offer all - issuance, activation, & management


Integrate seamlessly with the existing systems


Dashboard to manage & monitor prepaid cards


Streamline card management tools


Dedicated technical assistance


Customizable & configurable capabilities


Rewards and loyalty programs

Businesses that can benefit from our solution!


Card solutions

You can offer versatile prepaid cards to your customers. They're perfect for budgeting, travel, or gifting. Plus, you can easily manage funds and attract new users to your services.


Digital & neo banks

Give your customers a convenient way to access funds, make payments, and manage money digitally. Get features like instant card issuance, multi-currency support, & easy integration.


Digital wallets

Integrate our prepaid card system into your digital wallets to expand your reach. Offer your customers a secure, convenient, and flexible way to manage their funds and make payments.


Payment apps

Boost your payment app efficiency with prepaid cards linked to it. Offer instant fund access for peer-to-peer transactions, reloadable options,&  in-app controls to attract more users.

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Prepaid card for every need

Prepaid cards with rewards and incentives capabilities. Reward points are added to the card with purchases and can be redeemed over time.


Gift card

Offer versatile gifting options with widely accepted prepaid gift cards. Perfect for customer incentives and promotions.


GPR card (General purpose)

Provide flexible & reloadable spending solutions with universally accepted prepaid cards tailored for everyday transactions.


Payroll card

Simplified payroll management with a secure prepaid card to ensure efficient and compliant employee payments.

Why DigiPay.Guru for card issuance ?

DigiPay.Guru strives to take your business one step forward with its robust prepaid card solution. With our solution, you get the benefit of:


Issue card in any currency

Easily issue prepaid cards in multiple currencies to cater to global operations and diverse customer bases.


Range of commercial models - Licensed, SaaS

From License & SaaS models, choose what suits the best for your business needs.


Faster time to market

Launch your prepaid card program quickly with our streamlined processes and stay ahead of the curve.

Empower your business with robust prepaid card management software

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, DigiPay.Guru’s prepaid card solution is extremely secure. Our prepaid card issuance platform is protected with advanced security measures, including encryption, fraud detection, and compliance with industry standards like PCI-SSF.

Yes, our solution is compatible with your existing system as it is designed to integrate seamlessly with various financial systems like yours without losing your data. You can contact our expert team for specific integration details.

Yes, Digipay.Guru is a white-label solution that offers customization features to add your logo and design elements based on your branding needs.

Yes, our system allows you to set customizable spending limits, usage restrictions, and monitoring controls for each prepaid card you issue.

Pricing varies based on your business needs for features and customization options. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote.

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