Digipay believes in

Empowering financial innovators

for a secured, connected, and digital tomorrow

  • Build a cashless society

    Contribute towards the creation of a cashless society by offering advanced financial services.

  • Become a FinTech leader

    Emerge as a leading FinTech enterprise by providing top-notch financial services.

  • Accelerate digitization

    Provide scalable, stable, and secure platform to deliver 24*7 digital payment services.

We offer

Digital solutions for



Fuel retailers

FMCG & e-commerce

Core modules of

Versatility of DigiPay’s mobile finance solution is one of its key traits and that’s why it has several core modules. These core modules are described below.


Offer microfinance services like loans and savings to individuals with meager or no income with our mobile finance solution.

Top up & bill payment

Pay numerous utility bills like mobile recharge, electricity, gas, DTH, and many other bills via Digipay’s digital wallet application.

Rewards & offers

Attract and retain customers by providing various discounts, offers, and rewards with Digipay’s integrated rewards module.

Mobile money

Enable your users to store, send, and receive money straight from their mobile wallet without the use of bank services.

Agency banking

Empower banks to offer branchless banking services with the help of DigiPay.Guru’s agency banking solution.

E-ticket booking

Book your train, bus, and flight tickets from anywhere and at any time with Digipay’s digital wallet solution for hassle-free booking experience.

International remittance

Offer domestic and cross-border payments with Digipay’s cashless and cost-effective international remittance services.


Enable users to send and receive cryptocurrencies along with saving private and public keys with our digital wallet system.

What can you achieve with Digipay?

Digipay stands out among thousands of other digital wallets due to its advanced features. People from varied background go for Digipay as it provides them with a variety of benefits. Few of them are mentioned below:


Ready-made solution with an option to add-on customized features.


Achieve faster scalability and pay-off with cloud ready architecture.


Configure services, business rules, and features as per your business needs.

Cost effective

Cut costs with centralized, streamlined, and automated processes.

Multi-channel access

Access solution on any screen, device, browser, Android, and iOS.


Achieve rapid marketing with a ready-made digital wallet solution.