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Automate verifications

Real-time accurate verifications with automated processes to reduce fraud risks and save costs & time.


Streamline onboarding

Seamlessly handle high volumes of requests & simplify processes to offer a smooth onboarding journey.


Stay compliant & secure

Adhere to AML & KYC compliances and ensure secure onboarding with advanced security features.


Leverage the power of a growing market!

$2.79 tn

Global market for
eKYC by 2030


Volume of verification
checks - 2024


Banking organizations
faced identity fraud

eKYC solution to make your business fast, reliable & safe for your customers

Face verification

AI-powered feature to detect facial features via selfie-based live image/video capture to ensure the legitimacy of customers.

  • High security with instant attack detection
  • Low user friction with guidance-based checks
  • Real-time selfie/video identification
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Document verification

Advanced feature to ensure document validity with set standards, and OCR tech to extract necessary data accurately.

  • Classifies all document formats & their validity
  • Utilizes OCR tech to extract data automatically
  • Compares selfie with user to ensure face-match
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Address verification

A robust feature to ensure that the person you onboard is real & legitimate by verifying the user address

  • Verifies user address by extracting data strings
  • Checks validity & expiration of the documents
  • Ensures the user address is not fake
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AML screening

Foolproof screening to ensure secure & compliant process keeping your system safe from financial crimes, compliance & security breaches.

  • AML sanction screening integration
  • Automated compliance checks for fraud prevention
  • Screening against global database (OFAC, FAFT, HMT)
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Revolutionizing identity verification with secure and compliant features

2-factor authentication (2FA)
Dynamic consent verification
Enhanced Due Diligence


Transforming KYC experience for banks

Get insights into how an automated eKYC solution can overcome traditional KYC challenges and make customer onboarding seamless, secure, and reliable for your business.

Flexible deployment models designed just for you!

License model

Get complete control and flexibility! Easily deploy the ekyc solution within your own infrastructure. Enjoy the benefits of a one-time licensing fee and customize the solution to your specific needs.

SaaS model

Get the SaaS version of the solution with a cloud-based ekyc-as-a-service. Experience rapid implementation, automatic updates, and cost-efficient scalability, all with no infrastructure maintenance on your end.

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