Deliver Excellence With These Features!

Experience the power of Digital Onboarding-as-a-Service with a rich set of features that enhance customer verification, streamline onboarding, and elevate the KYC experience.

Multimodal Identity Verifications

Verify identities with accuracy through multiple verification methods like document scanning, biometrics, and facial recognition.

Real-Time Verifications

Offer instant and real-time verifications to your customers thereby reducing onboarding time & enhancing the customer experience.

Compliance and Regulation

Align with strict regulatory standards like AML and GDPR while ensuring a secure and legally compliant onboarding process with eKYC-as-a-Service.

Data Security Features

Foolproof customer’s sensitive information with advanced encryption, robust data protection, and access control mechanisms to ensure the highest level of security.

Easy Integration Options

Seamlessly integrate your existing systems and applications with eKYC to ensure a smooth transition with minimal business disruptions.

Document Scanning and Validation

Scan & validate documents in seconds while ensuring their authenticity and checking for alterations, forgeries, or expired documents.

The Power of eKYC-as-a-Service Across Industries

Elevate your financial journey with our extraordinary Wallet as a Service features, meticulously designed to empower, secure, and revolutionise your digital wallets.

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Financial Services

Streamline account opening processes for banks, fintech, and credit unions while ensuring regulatory KYC compliance.


Speed up insurance issuance and claims processing by verifying the identity of policyholders and claimants to ensure efficiency.

Digital Banking and Neobanks

Enable secure and fully digital account opening & onboarding for digital banks and neobanks thereby enhancing the user experience & safety.

Compliance and Regulatory Services

Facilitate compliance for businesses by providing eKYC verification services while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements with ease.

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Give Your Customers The Onboarding They Deserve!

Swift Verification

Verify customer identities quickly and efficiently to reduce account opening delays and deliver a seamless customer experience, always!

  • Quick ID Checks
  • Automated Process
  • Seamless Onboarding

Ensured Security & Compliance

Protect customers' sensitive data with robust security features like biometrics. Stay compliant with security & regulatory standards to build trust and credibility.

  • Robust Data Encryption
  • Regulatory Adherence
  • Secure Data Storage

Reduced Timeframes

Cut down the duration of customer onboarding by quickly getting customers started thereby delivering a hassle-free experience and quicker time-to-value.

  • Swift Deployment
  • Efficient Data Retrieval
  • Timely Risk Mitigation

Enhanced User Experience

Offer a seamless onboarding process that captivates customers while leaving a lasting positive impression and fostering brand loyalty.

  • Simplified Process
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Reduced Wait Times

Cost Savings

Cut KYC costs by eliminating manual and paper-based verifications thereby reducing administrative overhead and boosting the bottom line.

  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
  • Streamlined Compliance Checks

Competitive Edge

Gain a competitive advantage by offering swift, secure eKYC. Attract customers who value efficiency and security in their transactions.

  • Market Differentiation
  • Innovation Advantage
  • Security Emphasis

Transform Your KYC Experience With Our Robust eKYC-as-a-Service Solution!

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