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Empower financial inclusion with branchless banking

Offer branchless banking to all banked and unbanked customers and boost financial inclusion.


Branchless banking made simple

Extend your banking network and increase financial inclusion by providing branchless banking services to all banked as well as unbanked populations through our agency banking solution.

  • Increase financial inclusion
  • Boost economic development
  • Create social stability
  • Alleviate poverty

Everything your bank can do

Get a plethora of benefits for your bank and provide the best branchless banking services.

Boost financial inclusion

Extend your services to far and remote rural geographical areas with very little to no banking availability and be one of the earliest ones to boost financial inclusion there. Also, provide banking to not just banked, but also to unbanked and unregistered customers.

  • Ability to reach smallest and remotest rural areas
  • Delivers financial services to even unbanked customers

Enhance your customers’ experience

Provide your customers, even the ones living in the farthest of locations with easy accessibility to all of your banking services. Also, the customers who are nearby but do not have the time and means to visit the local branch can avail of your services.

  • Ability to easily access all services
  • More flexibility and convenience for existing customers

Reduce your operational costs & boost your revenues

Your business revenues will increase with the reduction in operational costs due to branchless banking and more customer intake. Along with that, save costs of new branches with agency banking and instead, create a strong network of agents.

  • Branchless banking
  • Performance-based commission for agents

Increase revenue streams for banks & agents

An expanding customer base means an increase in the number of revenue streams for your bank. Agents also get more opportunities for earning income with the expansion in different locations due to branchless banking services to everyone, everywhere.

  • Expand customer base
  • Create more opportunities for agents

State-of-the-art features for you

You get a cluster of features and modules for rapidly growing your banking services.

Comprehensive agency operations

Easily manage and monitor your operations with an interactive dashboard and advanced system.

Flexible & customizable solution

You can customize the solution according to your needs with seamless integrations and our easy-to-use platform.

Multi-tenant system

The system can be adjusted based on language and currency and also serves multiple customers that you might have.

Analytics & insights

Get a 360-degree view of your business performance, get cluster analysis and push customized offers to all users.

Key use cases for your banking services

Enhance your customers’ banking experience by providing them with a variety of financial services.


Opening an account

  • Customer onboarding
  • KYC management

Cash services

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal

Transfer funds

  • To own account
  • To another bank account
  • To third party wallet


  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement request


  • Airtime top-up
  • Digital TV top-up
  • Stored value card top-up
  • Prepaid electricity

Bill payments

  • Power bill payment
  • Tax payment
  • Gas bill
  • Mobile postpaid

User & user data protection policy

For ensuring the safety and security of users and their data, we comply with a set of rules and guidelines.

Data security

Our solution is architectured to record and track each transaction for complete transparency. All data is kept secured with encryption and high-tech security to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

Anti-money laundering

We follow a set of anti-money laundering compliances and regulations that are followed by all financial and fintech institutions for detecting and preventing money laundering or terrorist funding activities.

PCI SSF compliant

To protect the integrity of the software and the confidentiality of the sensitive information and user data that our solution captures, stores, processes, and transmits, we comply with PCI SSF - S3.

Scalability for your bank

You get a secure solution with a scalable architecture that can be customized and deployed based on your requirements.

Microservice architecture

Our solution divides applications to run on their own with continuous and faster improvement. Due to this, faults and errors can be isolated without hindering the development and the working of the system resulting in reduced downtime and easy maintenance.


For improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our software development team, we follow the agile methodology. It is an iterative process for project management as well as software development. It helps in the faster development and implementation of our services.


Our solutions are custom-built based on all the needs listed down by the client. It also complies with all the rules and regulations set by the country. Our deployment is on cloud or on-premise and we also take a hybrid approach depending on the requirement.

Advanced tech modules for your bank

Our solution comes with advanced modules created with all the latest technologies for you to provide the best banking experience.

Custom White-labelled Solution

Multi-currency & Multi-tenant

Exemplary Integrations (APIs)

Faster Deployment

Lower TCO

Secure Platform

DigiPay’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.

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