Offering fast and secure customer onboarding is essential for retaining customers and building loyalty & satisfaction. As a financial business, it becomes even more essential because of the customer payment involved in the picture where both speed and security play a vital role.

With DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution, these concerns are well addressed. The advanced solution offers AI-powered features and robust security capabilities that make customer onboarding extremely fast, accurate, and secure.

In this blog post, you will learn how DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution can make your customer onboarding process faster and more secure.

Let’s spill the beans on how DigiPay.Guru offers faster onboarding first!

Achieve faster customer onboarding with DigiPay.Guru

Faster customer onboarding is necessary to avoid customer frustration. Plus, to prevent the abandonment of process in between due to long queues and time-consuming verifications.

DigiPay.Guru is known for making customer onboarding seamless and fast with its advanced features. Let’s explore them below.


Automated KYC checks

DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC platform offers automated KYC checks. This eliminates manual checks and ensures a fast and efficient customer onboarding process.

The verification happens in real time so the chances of human errors are also reduced. This minimizes the need for manual supervision and hence also makes the process faster.

Additionally, eKYC verification happens digitally, which reduces long wait times in queues.

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Liveness detection with face verification

The digital KYC solution by DigiPay.Guru offers a feature called face verification. This is an AI-powered feature to detect facial features via selfie-based live image/video capture to ensure the legitimacy of customers.

Face verification automates the verification of identities with AI algorithms. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for customer onboarding. Customers can complete the verification process remotely & within seconds using their mobile device.

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Digital document verification

With the entire process of documentation and its verification being digital, the process of customer onboarding becomes even faster.

The eKYC solution streamlines your identity verification process with robust document verification. It authenticates and validates the documents in seconds and with high-end security.

Also, the OCR tech for automated document data extraction makes the document verification process near instant.

Streamlined data collection

With DigiPay.Guru, data collection becomes a breeze. The platform intelligently guides customers through a user-friendly interface which ensures that all required information is captured accurately and efficiently.

This streamlined approach minimizes errors and reduces the risk of incomplete or inaccurate data submission.

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Real-time updates and notifications

With DigiPay.Guru, your system can receive real-time updates and notifications about the onboarding process, verifications, checks, errors, fraud detection and more.

This keeps your business one step ahead of the competition, as you are in complete control of your eKYC procedure.

eKYC solution with robust features for secure customer onboarding

The eKYC solution features of DigiPay.Guru are not limited to just speed. It also offers robust security features to make sure you and your customers experience an extremely secure customer onboarding experience.

Below are the key security features that DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution offers:


Biometric authentication

You are quite aware how eKYC through bio metric authentication works. It is the authentication of user identity through their physical characteristics like fingerprint, iris scans, facial scans and more. But with DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution, you get an advanced form of biometric authentication - liveness detection.

There’s no denying that biometric authentication can offer advanced security to your system. But, with liveness detection, even a small chance of bypassing a fraud anomalies and patterns are totally minimized.

Liveness detection actively challenges the user in real-time to perform various prompts like facial movements, gestures, or voice commands. This makes liveness detection highly effective at stopping fraudsters attempting to spoof using images, recordings, or masks.

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Document & address verification

As discussed above, the advanced technologies involved in the document verification process makes it an instantaneous process. But it's not just fast, but also extra secure.

This is because it performs;

  • Document validity check
  • Document format check
  • Document expiry check

Apart from that, through address verification in the documents, the eKYC solution adds an extra layer of security to the entire eKYC process. This feature ensures that the person you onboard is real & legitimate by verifying the user address.

It offers;

  • Instant address verification
  • Global address coverage
  • Advanced verification techniques
  • Customizable verification rules

AML screening

DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution ensures that the security in customer onboarding is maintained to the next level with its advanced security & compliance feature like AML screening.

With AML screening, you can detect AML risks by screening them against global watchlists for PEPs and global databases like OFAC, FAFT, HMT before they harm your business.

This screening performs automated compliance checks for fraud prevention and ensures that global compliance standards for AML and KYC are adhered to.

Two-factor authentication

With a two-factor authentication feature, DigiPay.Guru offers an additional layer of protection to enhance onboarding security.

This extra step verifies the customer's identity through a second authentication method, such as a one-time password (OTP) or biometric verification. It further minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

Enhanced due diligence

DigiPay.Guru’s enhanced due diligence (EDD) is a holistic process of in-depth verification by creating tailored questionnaires on risk factors, regulations, and compliance needs.

This also includes a more comprehensive risk assessment, additional document verification, and potentially site visits or interviews. All these measures ensure a thorough understanding of the customer's background & reduce the risk of financial crimes.

Dynamic consent verification

The protection of customer privacy and compliance with data protection regulations are very important.

DigiPay.Guru's dynamic consent verification gives you the power to adjust user consent via unique identifier numbers as proof of possession. This can prevent malicious actors from predicting or manipulating the verification process.


In addition to traditional document verification, DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC offers electronic ID verification (eIDV) capabilities. This feature performs real-time digital verifications with the financial data accessed by integration with banking apps.

You can also seamlessly integrate government databases to cross-reference the identities to eliminate the risk of forgeries or counterfeits and ensure compliance.


All the above features of DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution are what makes customer onboarding process extremely fast, secure and seamless. Plus, the automated capabilities of eKYC solution has the power to transform your business and overcome all the challenges of traditional KYC process in seconds.

If you are looking for a robust and secure eKYC solution provider for your business, DigiPay.Guru’s eKYC solution is the right choice for you. With numerous eKYC benefits and robust features like face verification, document verification, address verification, AML screening and more, you can change the game of identity verification for both you and your customers.

Begin your journey to reliable and secure identity verification while onboarding your customers. Enjoy streamlined onboarding, enhanced security, & peace of mind with DigiPay.Guru!


Nikunj Gundaniya

Product manager of DigiPay.Guru, one of the leading digital wallet solution. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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