Events, conferences, and concerts going cashless

Mega-events like music festivals, world business conferences, sports events are getting digital which directly impacts the customer experience. Moreover, it compels organizers to contemplate their workflow. This phenomenon began with digital access control, digital ticketing, and the rest of the cashless payment loops that are present inside the event venue. The main objective behind going cashless was to eliminate a massive amount of cash that was circulating in the events thus causing problems like cash miscount and theft.

Event organizers are now leveraging NFC and RFID powered bracelets to allow their participants with quicker control for multi-access and for increasing average spent in restaurants, shops, and bars. Moreover, it also offers better traceability of merchandise and monetary fluxes during the events.

What can you achieve with a cashless payment solution?

There’s a lot of things that you can achieve in your events, conferences, and concerts with a cashless payment solution. Few of them are mentioned below.

Increase your event’s attendance

Increase your event’s attendance with a cashless payment solution as it enhances your brand by offering rich and customized experience and by promoting your event via multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Take data-driven business decisions

Cashless payment solution provides you with real-time insights on your events with accurate real-time data. This also helps you to assess as to how your event went and what you can do improve it the next time.

Attract more valuable sponsorships

A robust cashless payment solution enables you to achieve higher engagement and collect more data. Moreover, you can also show your sponsors how successful the event went and what was the return of their investment. These data will help you to keep your current sponsors as well as attract bigger brands.

Reliability of the highest grade

Cashless payment solution exhibits the reliability of the highest order since they can also operate offline. It integrates the three safety layers viz. device, terminal, and system to ensure secure transactions. Moreover, the servers have an autonomy thus making it independent of grid connections and electricity.

Empower your events with a cashless payment solution

A cashless payment solution for events comes with advanced features that enable you to offer an unparallel experience to all your attendees.

Create discounts

You can create a different type of discounts to attract a various segment of your target audience which will increase the demand and sales of the tickets.

Eliminate ticket fraud

Since you’re not dealing with cash and tokens with the cashless payment system, it eliminates the chances of ticket fraud and other related scams.

Real-time analytics

Cashless payment system for events offers real-time analytics of people visiting the page and the total number of tickets being sold.

Add-on tickets

Cross-sell and up-sell your complimentary services with add-on tickets while your targeted audience is booking tickets or registering themselves for an event.

Rapid payout

Boost transaction potential by around six times by reducing transaction time from 90 seconds to just 15 seconds with the help of cashless payment system’s flexible and rapid payouts.

Transparent vendor management

Cashless payment solution enables you to have a full line-of-sight on every penny your guests spend at various vendors.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.


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