Boost your revenue with DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution

DigiPay.Guru comes with its advanced mPOS solution which enables smartphone, tablet, and other devices to be used as a Mobile POS or simply known as mPOS systems. This unique and cost-effective mobility solution has the same capabilities as that of a traditional POS terminal to accept and process all card-based transactions. DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution is a robust and flexible solution that can be easily integrated with Payment Service Provider’s switch or acquiring bank’s switch.

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution also enables merchants and retailers to start a new channel of services for all their card-based customers. Our solution can play a major role in ending long queues along with offering extended product information which helps selling and improving the shopping experience via a digital interface.

Who needs mPOS solutions?

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants & takeaways
  • Public transport
  • Courier services
  • Healthcare

Key features of DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution comes with the latest features that make receiving payments easy for all merchants and business owners.

Accept payments seamlessly

Merchants can seamlessly accept payments either via card reader or by manually filling in customer’s card details in the mPOS solution.

Tap & Pay

This feature enables the users to make payments with their NFC-enabled credit cards or mobile wallets. Here to make payments, they just have to tap and pay.

Mobile money

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution also enables its customers to make payments via various mobile money platforms such as m-Pesa, mVisa, etc.

Visa on mobile

This feature enables you to accept payments by directly accessing the Visa card added on the payment-enabled phone or device.

Email Pay

This feature enables merchants to send invoices via emails with dynamic QR codes that can be scanned by users to complete payments.

View invoice

After the completion of payment, an invoice is generated along with a dynamic QR code which is then scanned to verify the purchase.


DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS is a white-label solution that enables you to customize your app with your company’s branding and look.

Zero downtime

With our advanced mPOS solution in place, you can manage a huge number of payments effortlessly and without any downtime.

How DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution works?

Below are the three steps which will help you to understand how our mPOS solution actually works:


Merchant asks for payment

In the first step, the merchant asks for payments on smartphone devices, wearables, and NFC-enabled devices.


Tap to pay

The customer then taps his NFC card, wearable device, or mobile device on the NFC reader’s field of the mPOS solution to complete the payment.


Payment completion

Once the payment is authorized, the user is notified with sounds and haptics on the device to indicate the completion of payment.

What can you achieve with Digipay?

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution comes with several benefits for both merchants as well users. Below are a few of the major benefits.

Enter new market segments

You can leverage DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution to enter new market segments by having a wide availability of merchants accepting cards.

Improved cash flow

By introducing simple, convenient, and faster payments for users, you can improve the overall cash flow by a considerable amount.

Multi-device platform support

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution has multi-device platform support as it can support several devices like mobile, tabs, wearables, and card readers.

Minimal investment

With DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution in place, you can save money as you no longer need to invest in a third-party POS system.

Real-time transaction reports

DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution provides you with real-time transaction reports which helps you to make insight-driven business decisions.

Paperless environment

With DigiPay.Guru’s mPOS solution, you can get rid of papers and achieve a paperless environment thus making the process simpler, faster, and convenient.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

In a short span of time, DigiPay.Guru has delivered many successful digital wallet solutions to its clients. You can get a glance at our success over the years here.


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