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Imagine having a cross border payment platform for your business that is not only cost-effective but also flexible and scalable enough to elevate your business profits and make you the market leader. DigiPay.Guru has a great option for you! Discover our cross-border payment platform with all these capabilities and more.

Allowing your customers to make cross-border payments seamlessly is the goal for any business that wants to offer these services. But, it can get challenging without the right technology and cross border payment platform to facilitate these transactions.

Moreover, consumer expectations keep on evolving. This can add to your business difficulties! So, to provide the best customer experience you must offer secure, flexible, fast, and scalable solutions.

You don’t need to worry about it now. DigiPay.Guru is here for your rescue. Read on to discover how you can multiply your customer base and profits with DigiPay.Guru’s cross border payment platform. Learn how you can leverage cost-effective, flexible, and scalable global payments for business success.

DigiPay.Guru’s cross border payment platform - Overview

DigiPay.Guru provides a cutting-edge cross border payment platform with a mission to make cross-border payments as simple, secure, and affordable as possible. It enables you to do business around the world with confidence.

Our cross border remittance software comes with a user-friendly interface, configurable features to set competitive fees and exchange rates, and advanced security features, all designed to make your customers’ cross border money transfer fast, easy, and affordable.

How is our cross-border remittance solution cost-effective, flexible, and scalable for your business?

Your business deserves a cross border payment platform that can be cost-effective, flexible, and scalable for your business. Also, it must offer the best-in-class customer experience to your customers. These three features can help in doing so!

Let’s give you an in-depth tour of each of these features and how they can add value to your business.

The cost-effectiveness benefit

A cost-effective cross border payment platform built to overcome all your cost-related challenges while offering cross-border payments. But, how? Let’s have a look at it:


Overcoming the cost-related challenges with DigiPay.Guru

Lower transaction fees

DigiPay.Guru’s advanced cross border payment platform makes cross-border payments very affordable with its innovative technology. It cuts down costs significantly as compared to the traditional wire system used by the banks by eliminating middlemen & streamlining transactions.

No hidden charges or unexpected costs

Cross border money transfer often comes with unclear and hidden fees like exchange rates, conversion charges, or correspondent banking fees. DigiPay.Guru’s cross border payment platform offers complete transparency with no hidden fees and a clear breakdown of all costs upfront.

Recipients receive the full transferred amount with no unexpected deductions other than the promised charges. Senders know exactly how much will be received on the other end.

Competitive foreign exchange rates

Offer your customers unbeatable competitive foreign exchange rates with our innovative cross border payment platform. This reduces costs as it minimizes the losses related to international remittance allowing your customers to send more money than the traditional cross-border payments.

Features that make DigiPay.Guru cost-effective

API and automation

Our cross border payment platform offers seamless integration with third-party APIs. These APIs enable you to facilitate efficient and automated payment processing. This eliminates all the manual processes involved and completely streamlines international payments for your customers with ease.

In addition, it allows you to easily integrate the solution into the existing systems and automate the traditional transfers. This ceases the manual processes for bank wire transfers thereby reducing labor costs, operational costs, and errors.

Cloud infrastructure

Leverage cloud technology to scale your business with DigiPay.Guru’s cross border payment platform, which can adapt to the evolving business requirements with the need for investing in the physical infrastructure.

The cloud infrastructure stores the data in the cloud and expands with the size of your business and data. It reduces upfront hardware costs. This is more cost-effective than legacy on-premise systems used by banks.

Multi-currency support

Our cross border payment platform supports a diverse range of currencies for seamless cross-border transactions. This feature cuts down costs by eliminating the need for multiple accounts for transacting in different currencies or any other conversion processes. This not only simplifies cross-border transactions but also contributes significantly to overall cost-effectiveness.

Optimized foreign exchange rates

As discussed above in the competitive foreign exchange rates point, DigiPay.Guru goes above and beyond to ensure cost-effectiveness by offering optimized FX rates. The cross-border payment platform utilizes various innovative technologies like market intelligence and analytics to enable your system to be able to offer competitive exchange rates.

Also, the cross-border payment platform offers configurable options to set pricing and fees based on the business need. This allows businesses to modify and optimize FX prices and offers the most optimized cross-border payment services to their customers. Thus, a cost-efficient cross-border payment platform can elevate your business effectively.

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The flexible approach

Experience best-in-class flexibility while offering cross-border payments to your customers with our cross border payment platform. A business with flexible models of offering cross border remittance software services is likely to gain momentum earlier than the others.

Here are the top features of a cross-border remittance platform that makes DigiPay.Guru an extremely flexible solution.

Multiple payment methods

DigiPay.guru’s cross-border payment solution offers the flexibility of choosing the payment methods that best suit your customers and operational needs. We offer multiple payment options such as credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, mobile wallets, contactless payments, and more. This enables your customers to choose from the payment option that is most convenient for them.

Cloud deployment solutions

With our cross-border payment solution, you get complete flexibility in scaling and expanding your business based on your needs. This is possible because of the cloud deployment model of the solution.

Whether you experience rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations in the transaction load, DigiPay.Guru’s cross-border remittance solution flexibly manages the seamless expansion, unlike the traditional infrastructure. Enjoy seamless and flexible solutions that fit your unique needs.

Customized pricing and fees

Our cross-border remittance platform allows banks and other businesses to customize their pricing and fees, based on their own business model and customer needs. This enables the flexibility to set their own foreign exchange rates and fees and to offer competitive pricing that meets the needs of their customers and the business as a whole.

Configurable options

DigiPay.Guru’s cross-border remittance system offers tailored solutions by offering white labeling. This means that businesses can modify their cross-border payment software based on the company branding, be it the color, themes, interface, brand name, and more.

This feature of the cross-border remittance solution allows businesses to customize and brand their system according to their unique brand identity. The business can configure functionalities, features, and looks, to provide their customers with a seamless and high-level cross-border payment experience. This enhances brand visibility and fosters a stronger relationship between businesses and their customers.

Scalable features for long-term success


API integration

As discussed above in the API and automation point for the cross-border remittance system, third–party API integration is possible into the existing systems to improvise the traditional system without any extra costs. Also, these APIs make payment processing efficient and automated making cross-border payments as easily as domestic payments.

The ease of the payment process makes it even easier to scale the b2b cross border payments business and increase the volume of transactions performed. This also allows adding additional features to the system without disrupting the overall infrastructure

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture features in our cross-border payment software can play a vital role in the scalability of your business. You can modify, replace, or add new features and functionalities to the cross-border payments platform based on your business needs.

This architecture adapts to the changes without the need for a complete revamp. This gives the businesses an opportunity to scale their operations incrementally.

Cloud-native infrastructure

DigiPay.Guru’s cross-border remittance platform offers a cloud-native infrastructure that is critical for the scalability of the solution. It can rapidly scale up the capacity of storage by deploying to additional cloud data centers with the growing transaction volumes. It can be said that “This cross-border remittance system grows with you”.

DigiPay.Guru's cloud-centric approach positions its cross-border payment solution as inherently scalable, and capable of supporting businesses at any stage of growth.

Automated and real-time processes

The automation and real-time processing capabilities of our cross-border payments platform enhance scalability by reducing manual intervention and streamlining operations. As transaction volumes increase, the automated processes ensure that the system can handle higher workloads efficiently.

Real-time processing not only improves transaction speed but also contributes to the scalability of the platform, allowing businesses to scale their cross-border payment operations without compromising on speed, accuracy, or reliability.

Additional features to stay ahead of the curve

Analytics and reporting: Our cross-border payment software empowers businesses with robust analytics & reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into transaction volume, fees, and other metrics.

Regulatory compliance: The cross-border remittance system helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, which governs the handling of payment card data.

Enhanced security features: We prioritize safety and security on our platform with advanced security features like two-factor authentication, biometric identification, and fraud detection.

Faster Time-To-Market: Our solution is easy and quick to deploy and launch into the market with its plug-and-play options and modules, white labeling, and readily available open APIs


DigiPay.Guru’s cross border payment platform is a world-class solution designed for banks, fintech, and businesses to offer the most efficient cross-border payments to the customers. We aim to empower you with the capability to easily and securely send and receive money globally. With this, we want to witness a world with less poverty and more financial inclusion.

Our cross-border payment solution has all the features and functionality that can help your business to outshine your competitors at every stage. The solution is not only cost-effective, flexible, and scalable but also secure, fast, reliable, and compliant.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for your business. DigiPay.Guru is the perfect choice! So, “choose before your competitors to stay ahead of the competition.”


Nikunj Gundaniya

Product manager of DigiPay.Guru, one of the leading digital wallet solution. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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