Feature-rich Card-as-a-Service platform for your business

Discover the robust features of Card-as-a-Service platform that will streamline card issuance and management for a seamless and efficient business experience for you.

Rapid card issuance

Experience the power of flexibility as you get both virtual and physical card issuance services which speeds up your customers’ digital payments & traditional POS transactions.

Comprehensive card management

Take full control of the cards you issue with user-friendly card management tools. You can activate, block or limit card usage when needed or based on the compliance rules.

Cost efficiency

Minimize the overhead costs associated with card management and distribution with a more simplified and cost effective solution - Card-as-a-Service.


Get payment card solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Customize card appearances & features according to your branding needs to enhance your brand’s identity.

Enhanced cardholder experiences

Enhance your customers' cardholder experience with seamless spend analysis & card control. You can also offer secure payment options like NFC, Tap & Pay, and more.

Foolproof security

Security is our top priority! We employ robust encryption, fraud detection, and multi-factor authentication to protect cardholder data and prevent any unauthorized access.

Card-as-a-Service - available for diverse industries

Elevate your financial journey with our extraordinary Wallet as a Service features, meticulously designed to empower, secure, and revolutionise your digital wallets.

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Retail & ecommerce

Boost customer loyalty by issuing co-branded digital/physical payment cards thereby enhancing shopping experiences in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

Travel & hospitality

Elevate guest experiences with virtual or physical cards that will serve as room keys and payment methods within hotels and resorts.

Student ID cards

Streamline campus transactions and meal plan payments with student ID cards equipped with payment functionalities for universities and schools.

Digital wallets

Enhance digital wallet solutions by issuing versatile cards for online and offline purchases offering flexibility and security for every transaction.

Financial inclusion

Promote financial inclusion by offering prepaid cards to unbanked or underbanked customers for making digital payments.

Corporate expense cards

Efficiently manage employee expenses with corporate expense cards providing detailed reporting and expense tracking for your business.

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Benefits of choosing our Card-as-a-Service software

Faster launch

Accelerate your launch of cobranded & customized cards. Gain a competitive advantage with rapid card issuance through Card as a Service.

  • Swift integration
  • Agile deployment
  • Instant issuance

Streamlined process

Efficiently manage card issuance and management to ensure a seamless & streamlined process for your business operations.

  • Centralized management
  • Automated workflows
  • Simplified operations

Minimized operational costs

Cut operational costs significantly with cost-effective card management and distribution through Card as a Service.

  • Reduced overheads
  • Resource efficiency
  • Budget optimization

Secure experience

Deliver a seamless and secure payment experience, fostering trust and satisfaction among cardholders.

  • Robust encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud prevention

Competitive edge

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital payments landscape with card services that ensures your business remains competitive in the market.

  • Innovation focus
  • Market adaptability
  • Continuous improvement

Simplify card management & boost cardholder experience with our robust Card-as-a-Service solution

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