Restaurant & café payment solutions that satisfy

Cashless payment solution offers you with flexible and rapid payment solutions to your businesses whether you’re serving à la carte, or from the food truck window, or over the counter, these payment solutions will fulfil all your requirements and the delight your customers with easy payment service.

Gain an edge in the fierce competition with a cashless payment solution that enables you to serves more tables, sell more high-profit items, and most importantly serve all of it efficiently. Moreover, it also offers you with data that can help you to take better business decisions.

Increase your sales

Cashless payment system for restaurants and café comes with advanced features that enables your staff to increase the total revenue of your restaurant and café.


Increase your average earning

Empower your staff to boost the average check size by moving more profitable items with the help of smart and advanced upsell tools like automatic modifier prompts and visual menus.


Generate repeat business

Generate repeat business by using your customer’s accounts to track their previous orders and rewarding the regular loyal customers with discounts and redeemable points.


Take more order in less time

The servers of cashless payment solution can directly tap or swipe to add items and then subsequently send orders to the kitchen in quick time; all this can be done without leaving the floor.

Offer improved service

Cashless payment solution for restaurant and café enables you to offer a rich customer experience that will make customers come again and again to your place.


Manage your restaurant & café with ease

Manage your floor, take orders, transfer tables with an intuitive, easy-to-use visual interface of cashless payment solutions.


Receive payments anywhere

Receive payments via debit & credit cards from anywhere in the venue with EMV payment with any of the integrated payment processors.


Equip your team at the table

Load your restaurant and café POS with allergy information, images, and ingredient lists for all menu items that enable your staff to answer any question pertaining to the menu.

Take insight-driven business decisions

Cashless payment solution for restaurants and café provide you with the insights and data that help you to take informed business decisions.


Make better decisions based on data

A cashless payment system provides you with vital data in the form of reports that helps you to know when to run promos, bring on more staff, and which items are making more money.


Access reports from anywhere

Cashless payment solutions allow you to access reports and analytics of your restaurant and café business from anywhere at any time.


Leave the heavy number crunching to the system

Extend your restaurant data directly to your accounting system with ease. Also, send out reports to your team automatically on a schedule with a cashless payment system.

What can your restaurant and café business achieve by going cashless?

By making your restaurants and café cashless with a cashless payment solution, you can achieve many feats. Some of these are mentioned below:

High reliability

Cashless payment solution for restaurant and café exhibits high reliability by storing your vital data and business information on the cloud server which can be accessed by only you and your trustees.


Cashless payment solution for restaurant and café is highly convenient as it can be accessed via phone, laptop, and tablet. Additionally, it also allows you to import data in the excel.

Faster lines

Cashless payment solutions are lightning fast as compared to cashier counters that cause huge lines and thus offers poor customer experience.

Improved employee safety

By eliminating cash, you’re also eliminating thefts and frauds thus improving the safety of your employees and making the workplace safer.

Cashless payment needs less space

Choosing a sleek POS solution over a cash drawer can unlock a lot of space which can make a lot of difference.

Save money on cash processing

Processing and handling cash can add an extra 10% of overhead cost for your restaurant and café’. With cashless payment solution, you can save that cost.’s success over the years

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