Booking tickets made easy with DigiPay

DigiPay.Guru ensures smooth e-ticket booking and payment experience for the users by making wallet payments quick and secure. With DigiPay, users can book their tickets in less than a minute without facing any hassles. It allows users to book, cancel and check the status of their tickets which makes the ticket booking experience easier and convenient. Users can pay for the tickets directly from their wallet.

It supports ticket integrations that would allow the businesses to unlock new revenue streams for their brand, thereby enriching the experience for the customers. Along with the ticketing capability, DigiPay also provides an opportunity to the businesses to collaborate with the service provider companies and institutions, that’d help them create, distribute and utilize mobile wallet.

Common challenges faced while booking tickets

Booking tickets can often become an annoying and frustrating task. Users have to struggle and face a series of challenges for booking tickets. Few of these challenges are mentioned below.

Time restrictions

Users are compelled to buy tickets within a narrow time range. This is because the tickets are only sold during the business operating hours.

Physical presence is required

To book a ticket, the user is required to be present at the location. Moreover, the user might have to wait in the never-ending queues for longer period.

High operational costs

In absence of an e-ticket solution, the companies have to recruit a large number of staff to handle the booking process. This added cost of printing tickets results in high operational costs.

Cancellations and refunds struggle

Users have to face a great deal of discomfort when they have either cancelled their ticket or are asking for the refunds.

Critical features of DigiPay’s e-ticketing platform

DigiPay.Guru has a feature-rich application that makes payment and booking of e-tickets extremely easy, fast, and secure.

Pay using wallet balance

DigiPay.Guru’s e-wallet application for ticket booking enables users to book tickets for movies, trains, flights, buses, hotels, theme parks, museums, and many more from their smartphone. They no longer need to wait in those never ending queues. With DigiPay.Guru’s e-booking solution, users can pay for their tickets directly from their wallet balance. They can also cancel or check the status of their ticket at any hour of the day.

Earn rewards and cash backs

DigiPay.Guru’s e-booking application offers more than just seamless ticket booking. With this system, the admin can also give users an opportunity to earn rewards and cash backs. The admin or the merchant can offer various rewards such as discounts, redeemable points, promos, combo offers and many more. These rewards and offers play a pivotal role in strengthening customer relationships and increasing the customer retention rate.

What can you achieve with DigiPay’s e-wallet solution?

DigiPay.Guru’s online ticket booking solution offers a plethora of benefits to all the users. Few of these benefits are described as below.

Hassle-free ticket booking

DigiPay.Guru’s e-ticket solution enables a user in hassle-free ticket booking for movies, buses, trains, flights, hotels, museums, and theme parks.

Secure transactions

DigiPay.Guru’s e-wallet is secure due to features like one-time password, tokenization, passwords, point-to-point encryption, and out-of band authentication.

24x7 ticket booking

With DigiPay.Guru’s e-ticketing platform, the user can book tickets for 24x7 without relying on the narrow business hour window of any organization.

No fear of losing ticket

The ticket booked from the e-ticket booking application is in the electronic form which totally eliminates the wear & tear of a ticket along with the fear of losing it.

Low operational cost

With e-ticket booking system in place, the requirement for the toll booth staff decreases along with the decrease in the printing charge of tickets.

Better customer experience

Offer rich user experience with cashless toll payment, quick toll collection processing, and reduced vehicle queues powered by DigiPay.Guru’s e-ticket solution.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.


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