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DigiPay. Guru’s smart parking platform offers better and more efficient way to facilitate and collect parking related payments.

This platform gives parking customers a convenient alternative payment option to coin-operated meters.

Challenges faced in traditional parking


Inefficient token system

The parking meters that use coins or tokens are inefficient system as it requires manpower for parking management and to provide the precise change for the parking charges payment.


High operational cost

Increased maintenance and staffing requirement leading to increased operational costs.


Inconvenience during session extension

Customers need to go to the parking garage to extend the parking durations.


Finding available parking garages

Users face trouble in finding available parking garages around the city.


Constant look out for vacant space

In traditional parking, users and staff need to constantly look for a vacant space before parking which is quite stressful.


Poor utilization of parking space

The parking spaces many times are not utilized completely as staff is unaware of the empty spaces.

DigiPay’s parking payment solution

DigiPay. Guru makes parking simple by enabling its users to seamlessly pay for parking spots in a jiffy. Users can download the app and create an account with their vehicle and payment information and then can start a parking session. Users receive a notification once the time has expired. Moreover, they also have the option to extend the session without having to return to their vehicle.

The drivers can park, pay directly from their smartphones. DigiPay helps millions of people to easily find and pay for parking on their mobile devices.

Major features of DigiPay’s parking payment application

DigiPay’s parking payment application comes with a plethora of critical features that makes yours and your customer’s life easy.


Find nearby parking garages

Customers can find the list of nearby parking garages with their respective availabilities and can get the direction to reach them respectively.


    Parking perks

    You can provide your members with discounted transaction fees and special savings on services.


      Multiple mode of payment

      Your customers can pay for the parking directly from their wallet using their preferred payment method.

      • NFC : In this method, all the user has to do is simply tap and the payment will be done via his wallet.
      • RFID : For this method, all the user’s vehicle must have an RFID sticker stuck on it which upon scanning will directly deduct the parking charges from the user’s wallet.
      • QR code : To make payments with this method, users have to simply scan the QR codes displayed on the garages and the amount would be directly deducted from the user’s wallet.

      How it works?

      To park the vehicle, user first taps on the ‘parking’ icon present on the application’s homepage. After that, the user adds his vehicle details such as vehicle registration number and many more. After adding the vehicle, the user searches for the nearby parking garages.

      After the selection of parking garage , the user sets the parking duration and clicks on ‘pay parking now’ to initiate the payment process. The user can pay via NFC, RFID, or by simply scanning the QR-code. Once the payment process is concluded the user receives the payment confirmation on the app.

      What can you achieve with DigiPay’s parking payment solution?


      Increased parking revenue

      DigiPay can help drive more customers and generate more parking revenue for your locations.


      Better customer experience

      DigiPay makes it easy for the customers to pay for parking at your locations, resulting in better customer experience and retention.


      Decreased operating costs

      Businesses that implement DigiPay’s solutions can see an improved efficiency and a significant decrease in operating costs due to reduced staffing requirements and no ticket handling.


      Better payment processing

      With DigiPay’s parking payment solution, you can transfer funds directly to your merchant account and integrate with major payment processors to avoid extra fees.


      Predict future parking patterns

      The information gathered by DigiPay can be used to predict future parking patterns. This information can help you in proper task allocation to your staff.


      Strategize parking fees

      By obtaining the parking trends, you can strategize the parking fees to achieve maximum profit.

      What can you offer to your customers?


      No fear of losing ticket.

      With DigiPay’s parking payment app, there’s no fear of losing the parking ticket.


      Instant payment

      With DigiPay’s parking payment software, customers can quickly and securely pay via their smartphone.


      Park without any stress

      Notifications are being sent to the customers few minutes prior to the end of their parking session. This way, they can choose to extend their timings, if required.


      No hidden prices

      Customers can get a clear picture of all the charges prior to the reservation and parking and can further decide for themselves.


      Loyalty & rewards

      Customers get a chance to earn discounts, promos, cash back offers and other rewards by using the platform.

      Additional features

      DigiPay’s parking payment system is not only limited to the payments. With the help of parking APIs, you can offer additional features such as:

      Book your parking spot

      Customers can easily reserve a parking spot by searching the area where they’re visiting. They can choose the date/time to complete their reservation. This feature is dependent on the availability of the respective parking APIs.

      Extend Session Time

      In this feature, the customers receive an alert when their parking session is about to get over. Instead of running down the parking garage to feed the meter, the users can easily extend time directly from their phone. This is dependent on the availability of the respective parking APIs.

      Park Now

      In this feature, the customers can park by simply entering the zone number and the amount of time they want to park their vehicle. This is dependent on the availability of the respective parking APIs.

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