How a fuel retail solution works?

An advanced cashless fuel retail solution helps you to redefine the fuelling experience of your customers. With this solution in place, you can make your fuelling process fast, convenient, and secure. Have a look at the below video where we have explained in detail about the working mechanism of this solution along with its benefits and advantages.

Challenges faced by users at fuel stations

Users have to go through a cluster of challenges while fuelling their vehicles at the fuel stations. Some of these challenges are mentioned below.

Prolonged waiting times

One of the major problems that customers face is that they have to wait in long queues which eats up a lot of their time and makes them frustrated and annoyed.

Lack of customer retention strategy

Customer retention is at a major risk as many customers would avoid coming to fuel stations with long queues. Instead, they would prefer a station with little or no queue.

Rush hour challenges

Serving during the rush hours gets challenging for the fuel stations as they’re under pressure to serve as many customers as possible ensuring that they don’t lose out on any of them.

Inconvenient payment methods

Customers must have their wallets handy for the payment; if they forget their cash/cards, they won’t be able to fill their tanks leading to further disappointment and frustrations.

Lack of trust and transparency

Many times, customers don’t trust the fuel stations and are always in the suspicion if they would be cheated and charged more than the amount of fuel they filled.

Fuel expenses tracking hassles

Tracking of fuel expenses is a tedious task for the customers as they need to manually maintain a record of each transaction for every vehicle that they own.

Digitize your fuel retail business with DigiPay

DigiPay comes with a mobile wallet for fuel retail that provides quick, convenient, and secure payment for all the customers. It leverages the latest digital technologies to ensure incredible customer experience on every visit. It deals with customer anxiety, inconveniences and stress points directly by ensuring that customers can drive in, refuel and drive out without any hassle.

It allows individuals and corporates to pre-set the quantity of fuel they want filled in a vehicle, resets the fuel gauge to zero, and ensures that they receive what they have paid for. Through the DigiPay wallet, the entire transaction is managed digitally, via secure payments that allow the user to drive out without having to reach for cash or cards.

Please your customers with rich fuelling experience

DigiPay is not only a one-stop solution to your fuel business hassles, but also a solution for problems faced by all your customers. Below is the list of perks that our solution provides to your customers.


Customers enjoy the utmost convenience of paying for fuel by using mobile wallet without getting out of the car.

Track fuel expenses

Customers can seamlessly track and manage the fuel expenses of a various number of vehicles that they own.

Online services

The online services are far more convenient than the offline services as it saves user’s time and energy.

Cashbacks, promos, and loyalty

Customers get loyalty benefits along with added benefit of cashbacks for purchasing tickets, sending gifts, etc.

100% transparency

With DigiPay’s ewallet fuel solutions, customers get complete transparency on the quantity of the fuel to be filled.

Multiple payment modes

Customers can choose from the various payment modes, such as, credit card, bank account or e-money in the wallet.

Make your user’s fuelling experience swift, comfortable, and safe

DigiPay is a feature rich application that provides your customers with a smooth fuelling experience. Some of the advanced features are mentioned below.

Automated fuelling

DigiPay’s ewallet fuel app offers real time updates to both customers and retailers, providing complete control over the fuelling process.

Quantity assurance

Your customer doesn’t need to see the '0' at the meter before fuelling as they can control the fuelling through DigiPay’s Fuel Wallet App.

Loyalty and amenities

Reward users as per their transactions over the app. Provide multiple amenities for customer convenience.

Cashless transactions

Offer end-to-end transactions via the DigiPay’s ewallet fuel system, which automatically processes payments from the user's account.

E-statements & E-invoices

After fuelling in, users will receive the e-invoice. Moreover, the application will also maintain statements of every purchase.

Track Expenses

As all the fuel expenses are automatically maintained, the customers can track all the expenses per vehicle.

Manage multiple vehicles

DigiPay’s ewallet fuel solution also allows your customers to manage fuelling of multiple vehicles from a single app.

Find nearby fuel stations

Customers can find the list of nearby fuel stations and can get the direction to reach them respectively.

Take your fuel retail business forward

The advanced features of DigiPay makes the fuelling process streamlined and swift. Due to which you can achieve many feats at once. Below is the list of things that you can achieve with DigiPay.

Speed up fuelling service

Attract new customers by curtailing the long queues which will ultimately speed up the fuel fuelling service.

Efficient rush hour management

Rush hours can be managed and served better which eventually increases the overall sales.

Utmost customer convenience

Offer rich customer fuelling experience as they can order for fuel online along with fuelling their car without getting out of it.

Loyalty programs

Retain your customers by creating a rewarding loyalty program based on their app usage and activities therein.

Increase revenue

Increase your overall revenue with wallet’s additional earnings, new customer base, and retained customers.

Visibility & accessibility

Make all your fuel stations easily visible and accessible to all the customers via Digipay’s ewallet fuel solution.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.


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