Delight your customers with DigiPay’s hotel and resort management platform

DigiPay’s hospitality management software adds a new dimension to your hospitality business by offering you with improved sales, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and brand affinity. DigiPay eliminates the need for any cash or card for making payments by enabling your guests to use their mobile phones to make payments for all your products and services.

DigiPay also offers you with an opportunity to build your customer loyalty and brand awareness by providing your customers with a mobile gift, mobile bonus & loyalty, coupon programs without any costs issuance cost. It also helps you to get rid of managing and distributing plastic cards and paper slips. Leverage DigiPay’s advanced hotel and resort management platform to gain a competitive edge, attract new customers, retain existing ones, and provide a top-notch service that offers unparallel customer satisfaction.

How DigiPay empowers your services?

DigiPay’s hotel & resort management platform strengthens your operations with its cutting-edge feature and enables you to do a variety of things which were earlier not possible.

View inventory, pricing and guest data at once

DigiPay’s hotel & resort management platform is an ecosystem of various integrated solutions that are always in touch with one another. So, no matter where a booking is made, you can always get the view of your guest data and inventory in real-time.

Solely focus on your business and guests

DigiPay enables you to solely focus on your business and guests as we continuously focus on the technology part. Moreover, we constantly keep on adding enhancements in our current solution and investing for future solutions.

Increased security with data regulations compliance

DigiPay’s solution comes with technology which is secure, stable, and compliant will all the major and current data standards and regulations including GDPR which have caused massive changes in the way companies now store and use data.

Unlock limitless scalability and growth

We believe that technology must adapt to your business and not vice-versa. The nature of DigiPay’s platform technology is such that it can accommodate limitless scaling and growth opportunities. No matter, how many features or properties you’re planning now or in future, DigiPay’s platform can seamlessly accommodate it all.

How does it work?

The working of DigiPay’s solution for hotels, resorts, and camps is simple yet effective. The entire working can be divided into 5 major steps which are as follows:



Guest receives an identification media and activation code for the application during check in time.


Account creation

Once guests activate the application, they are automatically connected to the hotel rooms (account)


Activation media

The activation media is used for all the guests’ payments and other passages through the hotel & resort.


View transactions

Guests can view all their transactions and other reserved as well as offered services via the mobile app.



In the end, during the check-out, the guest receives a list which includes all the consumptions and services.

What can you achieve with DigiPay

DigiPay’s hotel and resort management platform is made from cutting-technology and tools that enable you to offer top-notch hospitality services to your customers. With DigiPay, you can achieve the following feats.

Real-time reports

With our advanced BI reporting, you can receive information about all guest activities and consumption in real-time.

Delight your guests

Achieve high guest recognition by delighting your guests with an individualistic approach and personalized resort services.

Boost revenue

Faster and simpler cashless payment process ensures better services and increases the expenditure by up to 30%.

Control all your services

Gain full control of your guest’s demands with service reservation, control access, and the cost control via wrist bands and mobile apps.

Rich payment experience

Wristbands powered by RFID technology and mobile payments offer a top-notch level of payment experience where guests don’t need to carry any cash or cards.

Know your guests

Know your guests by collecting information about them based on the history of customer habits and access control with wristbands.

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