DigiPay prevents all types of digital payment frauds

There are several ways by which fraudsters and scammers can compromise your digital payments. DigiPay’s solution prevents you from all those frauds.

Ransomware attacks

DigiPay’s payment solution comes with advanced security that prevents your system from the dangerous ransomware attacks.

Banking Trojans

DigiPay prevents your customer’s money and credentials from being stolen by a banking Trojan.


Ensure fool-proof security for your merchant by preventing their business from buy online, pick-up in store frauds.

Phishing scams

DigiPay comes with machine-learning-based detection technology to prevent phishing scams.

3D Secure Integration

DigiPay comes with 3D Secure, which is a security protocol designed as an extra authentification layer for debit card transactions and online credit.


Evade chargebacks

Leverage fraud liability shifts to the bank issuing with successful 3D secure authentications.


Utilize 3DS selectively

Use 3DS on all those transactions that you feel are risky based on various parameters including user’s behaviour.


Establish your reputation

Establish your reputation by providing a safe and trustworthy payment environment to your customers.

DigiPay’s anti-fraud strategy

DigiPay has leveraged cutting-edge technology and tools to build a strong anti-fraud strategy that very well fits with your customized rules and workflow.

Unique identifier

DigiPay’s has integrated unique identifier to every card used on a platform which helps you to flag any unusual behaviour.

Address verification system

Enforce 3DS or allow Canadian, US, and UK transactions that are based on AVS scoring that compares billing info with user’s bank data.

Deferred payments for guaranteed delivery

Ensure that the funds are safe and secure at every step of the payment flow with DigiPay’s e-wallet technology.

DigiPay’s in-house fraud engine

DigiPay has built its own in-house fraud engine that notifies against any suspicious behaviour and takes the action accordingly. Agency banking provides customers with a simpler platform where they can access all the banking services.

Verification process

We carry out a complete verification of all the user’s identity with respect to European regulation compliance.

Protection from identity theft

DigiPay’s fraud engine data get updated on a daily basis which helps in reliable detection of stolen cards.

Internal card velocity

Enforce automatic capping of transactions in cards for a period of more than 24 hours.

Card verification codes

Our solution enables in simple CVC collection that facilitates the issuance of bank’s security requests.

Our success stories

DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered numerous top-notch digital wallet solutions to its clients from all over the world. Get a glimpse of a few of our success stories from here.


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