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Automate micro-finance services with Digipay


Key features of Digipay’s micro-finance services

With our micro finance solution, you can seamlessly automate the entire process of offering various financial services to small scale, individuals, or groups.

Comprehensive user management

Provide loans for groups, SMEs, individuals, and group management with the help of a comprehensive user management.

Interest computation

Digipay comes with multiple interest computation mechanisms which has a weekly, monthly, and yearly frequency.

GUI-based solution

Digipay’s microfinance services comes with GUI-based solutions for diverse institutional models & lending methodologies.

Instant loans

With Digipay’s microfinance services you get a highly secured platform that provides instant loans to your customers.

Multi-currency support

With Digipay, you can cater microfinance services to global customers as it provides multi-currency and multi-entity support.

APIs and development tools

Offer multiple value-added services and other competitive benefits with the help of cutting-edge development tools and APIs.

Strong customer analytics

With Digipay, you can monitor and track the business and get all the comprehensive reports with the help of analytical dashboard.

Recovery management

Digipay comes with lead origination based on workflow accompanied by recovery management and portfolio transfer

What can you achieve with Digipay?

Digipay’s microfinance solution offers various benefits like automating process of offering financial services, integration of third party content and many more.

Improved Cash Management

Reduce revenue leakage and cash related fraud with better cash management module.

Enhanced Efficiency

Achieve streamlined processes and better operational efficiency with Digipay’s integrated solution

Unified Solution

Ensure standardized guidelines and processes with our centralized and unified solution.

Enhanced Processes

Automation of processes from field operations to back-office management, and accounting.

Global solution

Digipay has a global microfinance solution that can be adapted and scaled to any market worldwide.

Real-time Reporting

Get regulatory & donor reporting and pre-packaged reports for MIS with our real-time reporting.

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