Digipay’s Top-Up and Bill Payment services

With Digipay, you can provide various top-ups and bill payments services to your users. Some of these services are mentioned here.

Postpaid mobile bills

With Digipay’s mobile postpaid bills, your users get the option to either pay full or partial postpaid bills of their mobile phones.

Utility payment bills

Digipay’s top-up bill payment option enables your users to pay various utility bills such as electricity, water, taxes, etc.

Digital TV top-up

With Digipay in place, your users can pay for their digital tv top-ups which can be period based, plan based, or adhoc.

Airtime top-up

Enable your users to pay for their airtime recharge top-ups such as the fixed & flexi range, adhoc or special plans.

Metro card top-up

Digipay allows your users to top-up their metro card and other transportation cards like taxi, bus, and train passes.

Insurance payment

With Digipay, your users don’t need to worry about their insurance as it allows them to make payments for their insurance.

Multi-stage payments

You can configure the Digipay system in such a way that it takes multiple inputs to activate the exact required plan of a particular service.

Mobile phone top-ups

Digipay provides both voucher & e-voucher top-ups in which a user can either request for e-PIN or simply scratch the voucher.


Digipay provides PIN less top-ups which are very popular among the subscribers, channel partners, and service providers. In this, you won’t need any vouchers or e-PINs. Customers can recharge their account via a self-service mobile app or by paying any value at a retail outlet.

The retailer or subscriber can directly recharge the customer’s account at anytime and anywhere with a mobile phone or a POS device. Customer’s account can be topped-up with any fixed value or by any special plan that can be browsed via the Digipay’s mobile app.

Bill Payment

Bill payments are used by many mobile operators & utility companies for revenue collection of various services such as: electricity, tax, mobile talk time, etc. It can also be worked as ‘over-the-counter’ service by the reseller, where they can process the transaction via Digipay’s platform. Alternatively, consumers can also pay the bills by using their mobile apps.

Digipay allows the service provider to configure the commissions if the agent initiates the transaction. Moreover, they can also configure the cashback if the consumer initiates the transaction.

What can you achieve with Digipay?

Digipay has established its identity as one of the most reputed mobile finance solutions. And the biggest reason behind it is the number of benefits that it provides.

Effortless service roll-out

Easily integrate changes introduced in a function by vendors via dynamic parameter setting.

Service aggregation

Offer diverse services to your users by aggregating more than one vendor into the wallet.

Establish a monetizing network

Manage, and monetize your agents, distributors, and the CSRs with mobile application.

Import/export wizard

Effortlessly accommodate different features or services as introduced by the vendors.

Transaction reversal

Make refunds and reimbursements with auto, semi auto, and manual transaction reversal.

Real-time sales statistics

Take better decisions by getting valuable insights in the form of real-time sales statistics.

DigiPay.Guru’s success over the years

Over the years, DigiPay.Guru has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.


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