DigiPay.Guru is the next generation mobile wallet solution provider that is empowering the FinTech companies by offering them with cutting edge features and elaborative use cases. Our goal is to empower future FinTech leaders by providing them with world-class payment solutions that can serve multiple industries.


Furthermore, we believe in the continuous improvement of our solution. For this, we are adding newer updates to it to make it more efficient and feature-rich. So continuing this tradition, we have introduced its latest product update in the form of an admin top-up feature. Now, our admins can easily top-up the wallets of their agents and customers.

How does the top-up update feature work for customers?

Nowadays, people use multiple At this time, the top-up features can help the agent to refund the money to the customers. As the name suggests, the top-up feature allows the admin to directly top-up the wallet of users.

Generally, the top-up feature is used to resolve a dispute. Let us say that a customer made a payment to purchase something. The payment gets deducted from the customer’s account but that payment doesn’t get reflected in the Agent’s wallet.

In such a scenario, the Agent needs to refund money to the customer. For this, he can use the top-up feature of DigiPay.Guru’s wallet to return the amount in the customer’s wallet.

How does the top-up update feature work for agents?

The agent needs some credit from the admin to top up the customers. The agent can request its credits from its app to the admin. Admin can approve or reject the agent requests directly through the Admin Panel. Moreover, the Agent can also track the status of the request.

After understanding the meaning of the topup feature, let us understand how it works. Firstly, the agent will raise a top-up request to the admin to add the deducted amount by entering a transaction reference number.

After then a payment request will be generated which will come to the admin. Admin will either approve or disapprove the request depending on whether the details of the request match with the admin requirement or not.

How the top-up feature update is helpful in financial inclusion?

DigiPay.Guru’s top-up feature update is helpful to those agents that do not have a bank account. So by using this feature, such agents can easily collect payments from their customers. Also, they can pay the admin via cash. In this way, this top-up feature update will play a major role in increasing financial inclusion.

Fuel Payments

DigiPay.Guru’s top-up feature update will also help the fuel businesses. For example, if a customer pays with a credit card but his payment has not reached the fuel business admin. In this case, the top-up feature will allow the fuel business owner to refund the amount back to its customer’s wallet.

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Freebies are those things that businesses can give to customers free of cost. For example, if a customer makes a purchase of a specific amount, then the admin will give him some money into his wallet. The customer can use this amount at the time of his next purchase.

Bulk Payment

Top-up feature update can be used for bulk payments, too. Let us take the example of salary distribution. Here the corporate Admin will request the DigiPay.Guru Admin to top-up its wallet so that it can dispatch the salary of its employees.


This was all about DigiPay.Guru’s admin top-up solution. At DigiPay.Guru, we are always striving to become better than yesterday and this product update was a part of it.

In the upcoming time, we will introduce unique and advanced updates that will make our mobile wallet solution stand apart from the rest. Till then follow this space for more such interesting updates.


Nikunj Gundaniya

Product manager of DigiPay.Guru, one of the leading digital wallet solution. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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